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No, not drugs. I’ve always been a fan of TV shows. With a shotgun on my head, I’d easily choose TV over movies. I watch movies and I enjoy the story and characters while in TV, not only do I enjoy the story and the characters I also feel like I’m a part of the show! I feel like I’m a doctor whenever I watch Gray’s Anatomy, a freakishly smart person during nights with The Big Bang Theory nerds. You get the point. My favorite genre is comedy. Love how comedies make you feel good after a very tiring day plus they usually last for 20-30 minutes, just enough for my (self-diagnosed) Attention Deficit Disorder.

On top of my list are How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Then, my sister introduced me to MODERN FAMILY.

                                              And my life has never been the same.

The show is just so fun and sometimes a bit dysfunctional but it certainly does not fail to tell a moral story at the end.