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Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for the nice toys, the nice dresses and for making every part of the house child-proof when I was a kid. Thank you for only allowing me to wander in places where you know it’s safe. Thank you for always being there to kiss my “boo-boos” away.Thank you for picking me up whenever I fall on my bike. Thank you for standing up for me against the bullies. Thank you for hiring tutors to help me with my school works. Thank you for for waiting through long lines during sale just to buy me my favorite shoes. But most of all, thank you for creating such a perfect world for me.

Now, that I have step foot to the real world, I see that people are not very nice. They say harsh things to me and sometimes it hurts. I go to the mall and browse through my favorite things, I look inside my wallet and see that I don’t have enough money to afford them. I go to work and my bosses don’t appreciate my designs. Life without you is hard. I wish I could just stay with you forever.

Mom & Dad, I love how you worked hard just to give me the best things in life. I had the best time in the world while I was in your company. But I hope you could have at least allowed me to fall of my bike and get wounded a couple of times. I hope you should have let me to stand up for myself instead of pushing the bullies away for me. I hope you could have allowed me to explore to scary places instead of letting me stay at home where it’s safe and comfy. Mom & Dad, it’s a scary world out here. Why can’t it be like what we have at home?


Your daughter.

I hope you don’t misinterpret me as I wrote this. I love my parents so much and I’m very grateful that I have them in my life. I have seen them work so hard just to make my life comfortable.

I write this because I see my friends, myself included,  confused and scared as we begin to face reality. Little by little, we begin to see the world’s imperfections and harshness. I just wanted to make a statement.

To all parents, it’s OK to let your child fall down and fail. It’s part of life. You have been there. You know how hard it is. Don’t be too overprotective. Toughen up your children. Let them learn that it’s important to fail because the world will not expect them to be perfect. The world expects them to be tough!

To all young kids, always be grateful to your parents. They created such perfect world [for us] because they only want what’s best for us. At the end of the day, they will still be at our sides and wipe away our tears. They will forever be our biggest supporters. Show them the love they deserve. Always work hard! [Our] success would mean the world to them.



I’ve been preoccupied with buying stuff for myself right now.  I’m normally a thrifty person but I have “intermittent splurging tendencies”. Especially when I’m stressed!

New, shiny and colorful things cheer me up! My ID tells me to splurge but my SUPEREGO blocks in the way. This battle within me gives me added stress and since money does not grow on trees, I’ll just blog about them instead. Thank you, WordPress,  from being my therapist.

Have you ever felt that exhilarating feeling of the “thrill of the chase”? It’s the thrill of wanting a certain something (or someone) because others but you have it and once you get it for yourself, you’ll realize there’s really no use for it. High five if you fell for that for a billion times like me! So, this time, I’m gonna channel those thrills into blogging.

Here’s what I’ve been dreaming of having:


I own an HP Mini right now and it’s infected with virus and it has Psorias. LOL. It really came in handy for me when I was a student but I’m not anymore, I need a laptop who can save giant-sized files such as NBA 2k11 and I need a CD-rom for my DVDs! Plus, my sister’s got one. So.. LOL. But nah, I don’t really need it. I’m saving for it though. 🙂

Ipod Nano 6th gen for my jogging needs. Need I say more? The thing is, I already own an Ipod shuffle (also, for my jogging needs). The only problem is, I can’t choose my songs on my shuffle and it’s kind of annoying sometimes. Do I really need it? Again, NO.

Wii Fit & Balance Board. For exercise purposes. No need to hit the gym if I have this. Also, we have a very Bipolar weather so I couldn’t just rely on jogging everydy. Might get one soon.

Wii Biggest Loser. Same reason as the item above.

Playstation Move for PS3. I broke one of our analog controllers. Thought I might get one that keeps me moving instead. But I don’t really need one right now. I’m the only one playing and I have another controller that works just fine. Plus, we only have 1 game, NBA 2K11.

PS3 GAME: CALL OF DUTY. Did I say we only have one game on PS3?

Invisible shield. This one I sortakinda need for my Galaxy Tab. I hear the shield’s pretty durable and avoids scratches. I bought my tab a screen protector worth P300.oo but I’m not satisfied with it. Yes, I’ll have my Tab “shielded” soon.

Forex trading books. Because I’m a wannabe investor! LOL

LCD TV. I have a 20 year old TV in my room that I haven’t turned on for at least 5 years now. Go figure.

POCKETBOOKS!!!! because I love reading! 🙂

Reading through this blog post encourages me to save more so that I can afford these things for myself. I don’t think this should make me feel bad. There’s two things that I can learn from thins: PATIENCE and HARDWORK. Patience to work hard to achieve these for myself. Wow, just thought about that right now. Some therapy, huh? So, yeah, I don’t have these things now but this list is enough reason why I should wake up and work my ass off everyday!