Remember when you were still a tiny tot and you just want to eat Chicken Joy from Jollibee everyday? Normal Growth and Development studies would tell you that it’s a normal manifestation,  a phenomenon, for school-aged children. It’s called “FOOD JAGS” . Read about Food Jags here. Why did I suddenly blog about this? Let’s just say that at 21 years old, I still manifest this!

I could enumerate every food in the cookbook that I had food jags with but I don’t think only one blog post will suffice. So, I’ll just share my current experience instead.

What’s my gastrointestinal system been preoccupied with lately? Here are the clues: (1): it can be prepared instantly (2)it’s long and curly and my kidney’s aren’t really happy having them around (3) finally, it rhymes with “exit wanton” (really can’t think of anything to rhyme it with, sorry). Got it already? 🙂

For almost 2 weeks now, I have been eating this during merienda and it’s not like it’s the only edible thing available in the pantry nor we have a warehouse filled with it! It’s really because my mind and body has been craving for it! Lord knows when this will end but I’m really hoping that I’ll get tired of eating this junk soon! For the love of kidneys!!!


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